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  Big X Extra specially has been formulated with a variety of known natural grass for years increasing the size of the penis. 

Our formula 100% natural fact to affect the main factors in the extension of the penis. 

  1. Hormonal level - the hormone levels have much to do with the size of their penis. 
  2. Big X formula In addition influences in its hormonal level with the purpose of accelerating the process of extension of the penis.
  3. The flow of blood to the penis. - The grass in the extension of the penis tablets to stimulate the brain and to act to increase oxide naturally nitric. The extension of the penis tablets of work to increase the sanguineous flow to the penis during the states of intense excitation. At the most the cameras of the penis expand by the blood, greater is the erection.
  4. Great Xs Extra mixed formula with special grass are made to create a strong erection long play and therefore to improve their sexual operation.

Consider that unlike the extension of the penis many products Big X Extra does not contain Yohimbe! This grass can cause serious indirect effect and it is not recommended for general use . 

Big X Extra is done of the following ingredients

B3 vitamin

Niacina (B3 vitamin) is a vitamin that is in many foods. The human body uses the niacina in more than 50 chemical reactions. Niacina works in the body to expand to the capillaries causing an increase of the sanguineous flow towards the periphery. This vitamin also influences in the synthesis of sexual hormones.

Vitamin E

The vitamin and protects the cells of the body the fatty acids insaturados of the attacks by oxygen and the oxidation, to fight the propagation of the free radicals. It is not destroyed by these antirust processes (like vitamin C) and functions in several occasions. The vitamin and creates a barrier against her. The antirust protection can help to prevent the cancer, cardiac disease, accident to cerebrovascular, to reduce the bad cholesterol and to prevent the clots with blood. The vitamin and improves the immune function and slows down the aging process


The hawthorn is rich in bioflavonoides, that relax and expand the arteries to promote the functional activity of the stomach, and to improve the flow normal of Qi and to dissipate the sanguineous estasis. These are powerful antirust that help to increase to the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. This reduces the work required by the heart to make circulate the blood, and in this it as well reduces to the arterial pressure and stress in the cardiac muscle.

Horny Goat

Horny Goat Weed also is called Ying Yang Huo in Chinese, and it has been used for the treatment of the kidneys, the joint liver, and upheavals of the back, and also it is used like an aphrodisiac one. cornea of the goat has like effects the testosterone, stimulating the sexual activity, desire, it increases the production of sperm, and stimulates the sensorial nerves. Horny Goat improves the eréctil function in the men. Also known like Epimedium, horny goat weed was described for the first time in old classic Chinese medicinal texts.



Catuaba is a tree of medium size that they are in the amazonian forest in the north of Brazil. crust of Catuaba is considered a stimulant of the central nervous system with aphrodisiac properties and a decocción of the crust is used for the nervousness, lack of memory and sexual weakness exhaustion and the fatigue.a.  

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a tonic of old America, it goes back to the Mayan Indians and it is used in love potions. The fruit is used to deal with the symptoms associated to hiperplasia benign prostate. The American dwarfed palm can have benefits like aphrodisiac a natural one. Commonly it is used in designed remedies to increase desire sexual and to promote the general health of the reproductive organs.  

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is used to treat the eréctil disfunción and the impotence. Muira stimulating Puama highly considered sexual with a powerful reputation like an aphrodisiac one..  

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo she-wolf is one of the oldest trees in Earth existence and their properties have been appreciated for centuries. The studies have demonstrated that the Ginkgo She-wolf can help to maintain a good circulation in the extremities, mainly the brain. For more than 5,000 years, the Ginkgo has been prescribed in Chinese herbaria medicine. In the last 30 years, more than 300 studies have given clinical evidence that the Ginkgo prevents and benefits many problems throughout all the body. Ginkgo is gaining recognition like tonic of the brain that increases the memory due to its positive effects on the vascular system, specially in the cerebellum. Ginkgo improves the peripheral circulation, the oxigenación, and increases the sanguineous flow to the genitals to improve the sexual function and the power of the erection. In a recent scientific study, 78% of the men with impotence problems reported a significant improvement - of significant way, without indirect effect. Ginkgo has demonstrated that the nutricional support for the mental sharpness, the level of vitality, the circulatory health and the health of the blood vessels. Consider that its high antirust activity is very valuable to fight against the conditions related to the age. Ginkgo can help to resist the effects of the aging, including the mental fatigue and lack of energy.  

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng . It has been used like a stimulating drink that can help to maintain the resistance and the concentration and this has taken to its use generalized in all the communities of athletics and the student. The menopáusicas women frequently take it with vitamins B6 and E. 

In addition, ginseng can help to support the healthful function of the immune system. Any person can benefit to a great extent from her use. .


Damiana has one long history of use in the traditional natural medicine. In the last years, Damiana has been popular in many countries, specially in Mexico, where it was used for the first time ritually by the Aztecs like stimulating sexual for men and women. medicinal uses include the treatment of sterility, the sexual impotence, and imbalances. To listen To read phonetically  


Inosina provides the muscle with the force, the recovery and necessary oxygen it resistance and power of permanence.  


Tribulus is used by its properties of the testosterone to impel more than any other thing. The studies have demonstrated more than 50% of increase in the testosterone levels when taking Tribulus Terresteris. All we know that the testosterone helps to construct to muscle and force, is why some professional athletes use steroids and other pro-hormones to improve the Tribulus yield have been used during centuries by the Chinese to calm the liver, the treatment of headaches, mareos, and the precocious eyaculación.  

Cayenne Fruit

Cayenne stimulates the sanguineous flow by means of the fortification of the heart, hair glasses and nerves .  

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