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Improvement tremedous in sexual health
Gain of up to 3 inches in length
To extend until 20% in the heaviest penis
It produces stronger erections
It produces great reach orgasmos
It increases the pleasure sexual
The massive production of sexual hormones
Better circulation of the blood to the genitals
It stops the precocious eyaculación
The increase of the sexual resistance
It elevates its sexual desire
Massive increase in the sperm production
It shortens the time of recovery between orgasmos.

  The extension of the penis does not happen during the night. Big X Extra you will be able to see an improvement in its sexual health from the first stages of use. 
Unlike the different methods from extension of the penis Extra does not have to make any other activity next to taking the pills Big X, that is to say, that it does not have to make any exercise or use of pumps of the extension of the penis to see the results. 

Here it is a calendar that it indicates what can hope to obtain with great X Extra

1-30 Days

In the first 30 days to use Big X Extra will feel like general improvement of its sexual health. You one will feel like to length erections, long-range orgasmos, greater sexual impulse and the enormous improvement in the sexual health. .

30-90 Days

After 30 days to use Big X Extra will feel like a dramatic change in the size of its penis. Its penis will be of a 10% more thickness and you will gain 1 to 2 inches of size of your penis.

After 90 Days

After 90 days to use Big X Extra is going to feel an enlargement of the real penis of until a 20% in its heavier penis and up to 3 inches of size of its penis. Its penis will feel more hard firmer and. Try to create a graph with a penis that is described that the change! Something as well as that can see in:

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